Friday, August 15, 2008  

A slant by any other name...

Catching up. Ok, I confess, my viewing of the Olympics has been less than stellar. I am not glued to the TV, I don't watch it much, if the games come up while channel surfing, I'll watch. And here's a little secret- the TV isn't on that much. Whew, feels good to get that out in the open.

But, I digress....(really? as M. says, disgressing again?)

Yeah, well.

Here is an Olympic tidbit that managed to catch up with me, which could be called: The full picture. Photo / AP
What Were They Thinking?
Oh, yeah, right, they're from Spain.

I'm sorry, love Spain, love my Spanish friends, but as sportsmen, their sports teams are a national shame.

The latest lovely demonstration of Spanish manners was held by not one by several Spanish Olympic teams, including the Women's basketball team.

I don't care if this was for an ad, it's racist, demeaning and disturbing, especially given the racist behavior that occurred during the World Cup in 2004 with several people appearing in blackface to racially jeer Hamilton, a Black British player.

This is just unacceptable no matter who does it.

For a take on how this kind of thing makes people feel, lend an ear to
from NPR:

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