Thursday, May 29, 2008  

Seriously, now,


Scotty is like several years late to the party. Did we think he was lying?
You betcha.
Every time he opened his damn mouth.

McClellan is the latest rat to get religion- or should I say, actually read the Constitution and think, wow, this democracy thing is kind of cool! Maybe I should try it! Oh, yeah, but I'll have to recant first.

I can't decide whether I should feel sorry for the poor schmuck or save the questionable vegetables in the fridge to hurl at the TV the next time he sullies our airwaves.

They say evil is what happens when good men do nothing. What is it that happens when the evilly incompetent, the banal functionaries suddenly discover they might have been wrong? And then publish mea culpas they hope will rehabilitate them?

Scotty might be able to tell us... or is he just taking one for the team?

For an interesting take, read this on Slate.

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