Friday, May 19, 2006  


The events at Atenco, outside Mexico City have been much in the news- though apparently not much in the American press. John Ross, a journalist I respect, has >this to say. Global Voices' David Saski has this to say about the variety of blog postings out there on the subject.

It's difficult from a remove to be sure of what exactly went on, but several eyewitness accounts, including that of Chilean Valentina Palma, suggests that some very disturbing behavior went on, reminiscent of the fatal riots that rocked Mexico periodically from the 1920's on with the student riots in Mexico City provoking a particularly egregious response from the Mexican government.

It is not sure if the Mexican government figured that the issues at the border would knock Atenco to the back page, but it seems as if some people are taking note. There were calls for demonstrations at the border consulates today.

I think the issues of the border fence and the increased border patrol presence need to be kept separate from that of incidences as Atenco. While the border issues are more US-driven, this is an internal event with some disturbing implications- most notably a return to violent anti-protest behavior on the part of the police that involves serious human rights violations issues. And just like in the 70's and 80's when anti-communisim was the watchword, the government will be able invoke the mantra of domestic terrorism in an effort to get the US to not only turn a blind-eye but to provide active assistance.

And again, there will be losers. The most immediate loser will be Fox and the PAN which will be seen (once again) as the PRI in populist's clothing. But the greatest loser will be the Mexican people who had a chance to have a government and a police force that served the people rather than preying upon them.

More on the border patrol issuess later...

Thursday, May 18, 2006  

Pentagon releases names of those in Guantanamo

Finally, the Pentagon has done the decent thing and released the names of the over 700 people being held in Guantanamo. Why they released the names is not entirely clear, although it may indicate that preparations for trials might be underway. Hopefully someone will recognize these names and tell their families.

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