Saturday, August 09, 2008  

The Judgement of Paris

I confess. I find Paris Hilton rather fascinating- in a beautiful, perfectly awful sort of way. She certainly photographs well and, I must add, provides excellent fodder for Seduction (of hamburgers) 101 and Interesting Use of Celebrities in Ads for Things They Probably Don't Use- lesson 1 for my media literacy lessons.

But, this, this new "postcard" from Parisworld is, in the words of "Dubya"- fabulous. In the words of not a few people (including an incredulous M.) -"she actually makes sense!" (sounds of gasping as Hell freezes over for a nanosecond.)

So, enjoy. This may be one of the truly momentous light moments in what promises to be a snide, snippy pissing contest of a presidential campaign season.

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Who killed

Margaret Hassan?

On the video of her apparent execution, there are no Islamic banners, no Muslim chants, no claim of responsibility, just the killer and the fatal shot. After her kidnap, Margaret – who once worked as an English-language newsreader on Saddam's government television station in Baghdad – even found support among the anti-American insurgents; they issued a joint appeal for her release. Even Abu Musab Zarqawi, the al-Qa'ida leader in Iraq who was later killed by the Americans, joined in the appeal. Margaret had worked in Palestinian camps in the 1960s and fought tirelessly for those thousands of Iraqis under her care in Iraq. If her husband's suspicions were correct, then whose "foreign" hand took her away?

Robert Fisk contemplates what happened to one of the most compassionate Westerners in Iraq. And what he thinks about is enough to make you weep.

Sunday, August 03, 2008  


This is completely ridiculous. All one has to do is look to the Ottoman Empire, the Sultanates in North Africa and other places to see that this logic is idiotic, as well as divisive. I've seen references among the US right wing to this as well- more along the lines of if they don't let us do this, then why can't we?

Religious near-sightedness knows no one religion, it seems.

(thanks, Sepia Mutiny)

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