Thursday, June 21, 2007  

Forgive me, Father,

for I have sinned. I am not sure when my last real confession was but I have brought about the calvary of Baha Moussa whose death resembles nothing so much as that of the martyrs, lied to my countrymen, colluded with Bush to invade a sovereign nation, caused the deaths of thousands of civilians, sent hundreds of my countrymen into harm's way, so perverted the conscience of some of my fellow citizens that they lied, interrogated, tortured and murdered in my name...shall I go on, Your Grace?

And now, I commit myself to the Holy Mother Church, two of whose popes have called my war an unjust act, and called for its end- in hopes that, unlike Lady MacBeth, in doing so the blood shall fall from my hands and I shall be clean again.

What, Father, if anything, should be my penance?

(read about Blair's move to Catholocism)

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