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For want of a pill...

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Once again, George Bush and co strike a blow for...reactionaryville and Reagan's America in which good little girls dream of white picket fences, nice little jobs until the man they love comes along, sweeps them off their feet and into lovely Lilli Pulitzer dresses with strategically placed bows for the mom-to-be, for which they have paid by sweetly asking if they could use the credit card because, of course, they don't have any money of their own because no businessman in his right mind is going to hire that sweet little lady because she's going to be a mommy soon and well, new mommies should stay home with their new babies and make sure the new daddy has a nice drink and a clean baby to admire when he gets home after a tough day working for his sweet little family.

And of course there's the bad girl, out there drinking mojitos, working (maybe even working in management) getting laid, and slowly but surely making her way toward that hanger in a back alley with her name on it.

Then there's the rest of us, back in realityville, who want to beat George Bush over the head with a trojan (the horse, not the condom unless you can fill it with something really heavy).

In case you've been too busy watching Gossip Girl (I think the girls on that show use contraceptives...), you've probably heard by now that Bush co would like us to believe that contraceptives= abortion. Unless Bush is doing a Tony Blair and becoming a post-Vatican/pre Jean Paul II Catholic for whom the Pill and abortion is a confused, somewhat gray area, Bush is.Full.Of. Shit.

For anyone who wants to argue that no Habeus Corpus required at Guantanamo Bay won't affect us, I say Horseshit.

Here is a clear-cut example of US foreign policy in regards to abortion and contraception being brought home to be tailored to the Religious Right's agenda for the American people.

Access to abortion is currently at its lowest since shortly before Roe v. Wade. All this abstinence teaching isn't working (ask John Edwards, for example) be it for straight or Gay sex while the US remains a highly sexualized society.

Sex between consenting adults is a private thing. and as long as no one is getting hurt, forced against their will or part of an arrangement that includes cheating on a spouse/serious partner, whatever.

However, what, exactly does Bush Co suggest replace contraceptives? The rhythm method? Oh, puhleaze! Condoms? hey, anyone out there volunteering to be the posterboy of condom use?

Most women have at least one partner is their history who was not a condom enthusiast no matter what she said or did.

case in point- the ex who said and I quote- I did not get married so that I could use a condom...
(To which I thought great- have some chemicals and see how you like it! To his credit, he did look very concerned when I read him the issues surrounding the birth control pill- we were very happy when the ortho shot showed up and the sponge came back).

So why is it that men, who don't have to take hormone-adjusting cocktails or stick things up themselves (then again, that could be arranged...the sticking something up you know where part), think that adjudicating a woman's right to choose is their perogative? Men who don't have to carry a baby nine months, spend a lot of time in the bathroom puking their guts out (must be that frat nostalgia thing going around), risking various things, not to mention breastfeeding etc, are presuming to think that they know what is best for women.

That sucking sound you hear is US society rushing backwards into the lovely era of white picket fences, moms with no credit unless dads extend it, glass ceilings miles thick- and oh yeah, in case you all forgot, miscegenation laws and Jim Crow. The backward move into the Great White Man in the White House knows best about the female body is part and parcel of a movement that restricts civil rights, creative thought, constitutional freedoms in the name of patriotism and decency- thinly veiled versions of a Religious Right agenda.

While Condy may tell Russia hands off Georgia, she better damn well be thinking of telling Bush Co hands off the American female body as well, because if she doesn't, a whole lot of us will.


I am

deeply, deeply ashamed by this and disgusted.

In a country known for its more humane view of life and living, this is despicable. However, it also shows how far Italy is veering toward the right with the influx of immigration(ironic from a country from which so many people immigrated,including the infamous Mafia and La Cosa Nostra- two groups not famous for law-abiding behavior).

Holidaymakers sunbathe, indifferent to the bodies of two Roma girls that lie on this beach near Naples

ON a beach near Naples, two young Roma (Gypsy) girls, both born in Italy (and therefore Italian citizens) lie covered with towels, not because they are sunbathing, but because they have drowned in sea, right off the beach.

For several hours, as their bodies lay on the beach awaiting an ambulance, Italian beach goers picnicked nearby, and continued to enjoy the beach.

The relationship between Italians and have been fraught with tension of late, especially with the influx of Roma from the Balkans. There are severe problems with integration and aculturation even though the Roma have been living in Italy for almost 1,000 years.

Whatever the rubs, however, two little girls lay dead on a public beach, and in the words of James Baldwin as he spoke about the four little girls killed in an explosion of a church on a Sunday in the South during the Civil Rights Movement years, "nobody cared."

How sad for these children, how absolutely tragic for the rest of us.

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