Saturday, August 09, 2008  

The Judgement of Paris

I confess. I find Paris Hilton rather fascinating- in a beautiful, perfectly awful sort of way. She certainly photographs well and, I must add, provides excellent fodder for Seduction (of hamburgers) 101 and Interesting Use of Celebrities in Ads for Things They Probably Don't Use- lesson 1 for my media literacy lessons.

But, this, this new "postcard" from Parisworld is, in the words of "Dubya"- fabulous. In the words of not a few people (including an incredulous M.) -"she actually makes sense!" (sounds of gasping as Hell freezes over for a nanosecond.)

So, enjoy. This may be one of the truly momentous light moments in what promises to be a snide, snippy pissing contest of a presidential campaign season.

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