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I am SOOOOOO proud of my ALI Writing 107 students! They were given a very hard assignment: translate something from your own language into English- it could be poetry or a song or a short passage + some background on the poet/writer, why they chose this piece, any areas of difficulty, and the piece's cultural place. I must confess, I assigned this partially out of selfishness- I get REALLY, REALLY bored by average essay questions- which is also why I assign topics like a version of Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire and You are a political refugee and you have been given one week to get ready and leave. Where will you go and why, what will you bring with you, what/who will you miss, what will you do in exile, do you think you will ever go back? (btw- go ahead and write an answer to this yourself and submit it- maybe we'll do an If I were a Political Refugee... Blog. What do you think?). Also assigned this because a) I had to do this in French class (merci, Monsieur!) and I translate myself- mostly North African material.

But I digress...

On their poetry blog, Every one...a poet, you will find poetry in several different languages as well as some very interesting and informative background material. In at least one case, you can listen to the song. be sure to drop by once in awhile as the various students post and comment. Feel free to comment yourself, as well.

Happy reading!

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