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Happy Fourth

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Well, USA, it's that time of year again, you turn one year older, blow out your candles and make a couple of wishes. I have a few suggestions for the old wish list:
  • May Dick Cheney do the job he was elected to do or get impeached.
  • Hold fair and honest trials and then close Gitmo- and not by sending people to Jordan where they would probably be tortured and killed inside of five years-
let's not kid ourselves.
  • Stop using mercenaries. Remember the Hessians? Remember a little thing called the American Revolutionary War? Thought so.
  • Agree to read (as in actually think about it) the Constitution. Don't count on Dick Cheney to do it for you. He obviously doesn't understand it.
  • Call a spade a spade- we invaded Iraq, we screwed up and now we are occupying it. We are NOT liberators, we are incompetent colonizers.
Can we go home now?
  • Restore Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus-
don't make Lady Liberty come down there and smack you.
  • Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? I do and thousands of people from the Ninth Ward and other sections do, too. Demand that restoring
(not making it nice for rich investors and contractors) New Orleans be a priority.
  • Let's not kid ourselves, II- the US DOES SO torture. And, it teaches others to enjoy it, too. Ain't the US you think the flag stands for? Then stand up and SAY SOMETHING!
  • You know, Bob Marley was right- stand up , get up for your rights and think about this- if you ain't free, then I ain't free, as the saying goes. Civil Rights are right for everyone. Don't let the present "government" fool you. Your privacy, my right to speak out, my brown brother's right to freedom of assembly, my black brother's right to be safe in his own house, my Asian brother's right to fair wages, my Native American brother's rights to safety and sovereignty are guaranteed by the Constitution and by every treaty this country has signed. Look out for your brothers because one day they may need to look out for you.
  • And that, my friends, is the US of A.

It was my birthday too, but I'll let it go. :)
I sense from your post... that you are Bengali/Bangladeshi?

Yes, from this post alone I can sense that!
Oh, Conditioner, how soon we must disappoint you...Check out the profile. I hope reality isn't too much of a shock...
Okay, checked it out.

I'd like to revise.

Muslim. Middle Eastern? Maybe even from the Maghreb?

SoCal eh? Same here, are you enjoying the 70's weather like it is here, or are you inland and toasting?

Plus, what do you mean by "WE" Do you post with...ehem... Joseph?
Dear, dear- I may have to dub you slightly clueless in SoCal, ah well, could be worse...:>
Non on the first, la on the second and a slight forse on the 3rd...

the weather is ok. Am not inland (like say Santee?)- am really used to 90-100's so this is ok except for the mosquitoes which are amazingly vicious.

As for we- sorry, only me, myself and I here. Joseph wandered off and we're still waiting for the postcard he promised. We are not, may we add, holding our breath-- having better things to do with our time.
Alright so I'm way off :)

one final guess and then I'll throw in the towel. You are French originally from a French speaking country, maybe in a border region with Germany. If I get it wrong this time I may have to do some post reading investigating!

We do have at least one thing in common. You're from Santee, and I often take the Green Line in that direction :).

As for Joseph, he'll send it, and if he doesn't, he probably always meant to just wasn't able to get ot it.
P.S. Morocco is often placed with the Middle East although it is sooo far away due to its cultural ties. So if you're from Morocco, I still win :)

P.S.S. What does Forse mean?
My dear Conditioner-

I am sorry but I do hope you have a HUGE towel to throw in. HUGE.

I am not from Santee (read my posting on HERstory for a clue)- but North is the right direction. Right now the Pandas and I are sort of neighbors.

Just where do you pick up the green line?

As for Joseph, we figure we'll see him when we see him, and then we get to decide if we even want to talk to him, depending on what condition the coat is in.

As for Morocco- I see you looked at a map. I tend to think of Morocco as the top of Africa with Egypt being more "Middle East," but I digress...

Forse means perhaps in a certain romance language.

To give you a hint, some of my cousins tell my other cousins a variation on this saying:

Africa se comincia a Roma- but they say; Africa se comincia a Firenze.

BTW,my e-mail is attached to this site.

Feel free to do a little light reading in the archives. Don't let the dust get to you...
I can get myself a huge towel if need be, right now I've only got a small towel because I'm not quite ready to give up.

As for background, I now am confident you speak Italian, and maybe you are from Florence hence the rivalry between Rome and Florence. But maybe its a reference to something else. You might be from a former Italian colony, but that makes the "zazou" not fit. hmmm...

As for where you are located, you are trying to confuse me. :)

Yes on HERstory you reference that you were at least for some time in Davis, and that you are a "faculty brat" But your profile says you are in SoCal so I assume you are down here now as a teacher. You mention your students in a post somewhere.

Also, you say you are north, but then mention the Pandas which I assume to be the San Diego Zoo. I assume this because you mention on April 30, 2006 that "I took myself down to the Salvation Army Store on El Cajon Blvd"

How can you be North and then near El Cajon Blvd???

Maybe you work near the the SD Zoo, but live in the Carmel Valley or something.

As for Morocco, no I didn't need to look at a map, I know where Marrakesh is, as well as Ribat, Casablanca, and Fez.

Maybe you're from Libya? That would explain the Africa, Arab media, and italian! Forse?
Mi dispiace ma no. Since you have been so charming about it all- I will leave you your towel, small though it may be- I am assuming it has its uses. Dear Conditioner, since I like to maintain a certain anonymity on this forum, please hop on over to the profile section, avail yourself of the e-mail info and I will be happy to disabuse you of a few of your (forse) cherished misconceptions. And by the way, sidi, towels, whatever their size are de rigeur for now.
Actually, I am VERY impressed. You're doing quite well, I must say. Hover around the post-colonial postings- that might help.
Sakshi over at Random Thoughts didn't get as far, so now we're talking by e-mail and planning to hang out when she blows back into town.
You know, since I'm hanging out so much on my own blog, maybe I should post something...

BTW- you did see I gave props to Artwallah- didn't you?

Gotta run and be productive- like hanging mosquito netting and finishing up my work for Al Jadid. When they say no rest for the wicked...they so aren't kidding.
Theres no need to be sorry, I didn't think I'd actually get it without being far more creative. :)

When/where did you give props to Artwallah? Do you mean on your blog 4/21/2007?

I don't know Sakshi or Random Thoughts, maybe I should check it out.

What do you write for Al Jadid.

Since you like photography, check his out.

P.S. I'll email you tomorrow.

great photos! Check out Sakshi at Random Thoughts. To see what I write, check out Al Jadid on line. Hint, my initials are R.R.

See you on e-mail
So where is the new post?? :)
Yeah, I know...just turned in my new pieces for Al jadid...
and yet the world continues on, how obnoxious...

ps: Sakshi's coming to town, want to meet altogether?
Sure, but I'm out of town until Friday... when is she coming to town?
don't make Lady Liberty come down there and smack you.

I just snorted water out my nose. Thanks. :)
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