Monday, May 21, 2007  

You might want to know...

The Immigration debate is heating up again. Here in SoCal, where there really is a border (unlike Washington, DC), and there are real crops to bring in, which, by the way, the Minutemen are doing jack to help with, the immigration debate is significant. Add to that the fact that many of the greencard soldiers and the youth from the barrios who are recruited (and yes, they are youth- at 17, 18, 19) for that catastrophy known as the War in Iraq, have parents and other relatives who are currently illegal, this is about real prople and real border issues.

All this discussion about border security and terrorism is a bunch of hooey. Ask the BP and not one, count 'em folks, not one Middle Eastern OTM (other than Mexican) has been apprehended staggering across the desert, withering under a cactus or abandoned by a coyote on the side of some god-foresaken road.

The proposed fence is a travesty and a disaster both environmentally and culturally. The close association of its construction to the fence along the green line (well, sort of along the green line) in the occupied territories of Palestine is highly disturbing in that it speaks to a seige mentality which has a distinctly racist base. IN addition, the sheer construction needed to sustain such a fence is detrimental to the ecosystem of the region. Also, the inducements and veiled hints of retribution against border first nations such as the Tohono O'odham are causing these nations to become cut off from important ancestral tribal lands and pathways over and across the border as well as unwitting pawns in a national policy which has none of our best interests at its core. It seems that the only good Indian is an HS Indian.

What needs to happen is a humane and intelligent immigration policy based on reality, true economic figures and sector needs. None of this voodoo economics and bogeyman stuff that's being pulled by Tancredo and his pals.

This ran in this morning's Roll Call and was created by my friends Victor Payan, Sandra Sarmiento Pena, Perry Vazquez and others in order to call attention to the need for a bi-partisan, intelligent discussion on immigration. Chek out Keep On Crossing for more information about the proposed legislation and other issues surroung the immigration debate.

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