Sunday, February 11, 2007  


to an amazing new blog on torture-Torture Survivors and Support Coalition one that invites survivors of torture to write and dialog.

Its first entry is from Sister Dianna Ortiz, herself a torture survivor.

As you remember, I first spoke of Sister Dianna during the Bloggers Month Against Torture as one of my entries on torture and Latin America.
Hers is a sad witnessing. She was working in Guatemala with the Mayan peoples in 1989, when she was seized by forces working for the Guatemalan government, tortured and raped by people trained by the US government, and working under the watchful eye of the CIA.

This is what Reagan, George H.W. Bush and the CIA have done in the name of the American people- in your name.

These are the words that they have taught Sister Dianna Ortiz to speak.
It is an insidious vocabulary that shames us all.

read the rest and listen to Sister Dianna here
(courtesy of James over at Left End of the Dial)

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