Sunday, February 11, 2007  

Inside the Watada trial...

or at least as close as you can get:
We have been keeping LONG hours, up EARLY in the morning to get here to get our passes. Security is much tighter today and yesterday the press was told they were not allowed to fraternize with any of the activists or talk to us. They were even told not to go eat at the same place we were eating and to avoid all contact. I really have to wonder why this was told to them because as I read the new’s accounts of what occurred yesterday many key statements in the testimony were excluded in the press accounts. For instance, when asked by Eric Seitz why he insisted on issuing deployment orders to Ehren when he deemed him unfit as an officer for his statements and attempted resignation since January of last year, Lt. Col William James could not give an answer, in fact he ignored the question altogether. James also testified that he counseled Ehren not to make a “young man’s mistake”, based on emotion. Seitz asked him if he took Ehren’s request to resign or be reassigned seriously James said “Up until that time Watada had been an exempliary officer” and that he felt that Ehrens’ requests and statements were purely based on emotion. So in other words (my take) if you question, if you do all you can to follow military rules and do not agree with those higher than you, you are simply being “emotional” and are dismissed.

Robin over at Under The Holly Tree has several very interesting posts about the court-martial of Lt. Watatda, including testimony not mentioned in press accounts. She also has some very nice photos of those standing vigil for Watada. Plus, it's a very well-written blog. You should check it out!

Shukran khatir for your kind words Zazou
Afu! My pleasure!
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