Wednesday, January 10, 2007  

Thus spoke

you know who, on national TV. According to Shrub the younger, it's still about spreading democracy and freedom, helping a fledgling democracy (never mind ours is in danger from him and his little friends), and it's still about spreading American values at the end of a gun, or under wheels of a tank or via the fists of whacked out Johnny from Nebraska.
And he invoked 9/11 again.
Double wow.
And all this blah blah about how Al Queda will spread like a virus threatening the lives and well-being of the good people of Iraq and other moderate Arab states.
Excuse me, but what moderate Arab states are you talking about?
Egypt? You must be joking. Have you read the latest? There are videos out showing the police whaling on people.
Morocco? Oh, please. They just shut down a magazine for insulting Islam. Now, how do you justify free speech in that case?
Pakistan? Don't get me started.
Saudi (sorry friends)- have you even been paying attention?
What about Lebanon? You think they feel "moderate" about us since our proxy army invaded and killed all kinds of people? I doubt it.

And what is this about spreading like a virus?

Hmmmmm. Let's see, in the last five years we've invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, we recent;y sat on our hands while Israel invaded Lebanon (remember that?) and now we're having a shindig in Somalia with the warlords who made that place a living hell. And, we arresting people right and left, dumping them in black holes, offering them up to the tender mercies of various 3rd part interrogators.
Sounds rather viral to me.

I'm really not sure why Shrub even bothered. Every word, and I mean every word of that little show invites comparison, ridicule, irony and scorn.
The man is a moron and his speech writer is criminally stupid.

BTW, there is a DIY Impeachment movement afoot. Watch this space for more info.

Zazou girl, I would just copy and paste that DIY impeachment thing and post it (I did)..good to know we're all in the loop together!!
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