Wednesday, January 10, 2007  

hey Holland!

Yup, yeah, you. Cool stuff happening at the Hague starting today and going through Jan 14.

Catch Moorish Girl, aka Laila Lalami ( in person Jan. 12.
Click here for schedules, times and other info.

oopsie girl, the 'click here' is not working. Not that I would be able to attend (even though I originally thought your post was addressing me lol) AND you mentioned january 14th. Great date. Beautiful date. Lots of meaning kinda date (ok ok I give it up, it's my b'day! lol)
so kindly re-do that 'click here' thing and perhaps I can forward it to DA from cafeda..or do you know him? Let him know about it otherwise..
Hey Ingrid!

Thanks for the heads up! It's working now. And Happy Birthday, girlfriend! Wish I could celebrate with you there!

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