Sunday, January 28, 2007  

Governance by numbers

Well, the Decider has announced to Congress that he is the one who gets to decide things.

Well, well, well. A little unclear on the concept of American Democracy (which is becoming an oxymoron a little faster every day...), are we?

Today, 1,000's of American were very clear on the concept of democracy as well as that of free speech and marched in protest against the war across the US.

Say, what was that number again?
In DC, it was tens of thousands.
As in way more than five, as in the size of an American town.

Think of that- a group the size of a town moving towards the White House, protesting the Decider's decision to decide to send more troops in, stay the course, win at all costs.

In a democratic system, the voice of the people carry weight.

Unless, of course, the Decider decides to emulate Louis XIV and declare his version of "L'Etat c'est moi."

And we all know what happened to the French Monarchy...

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