Monday, January 22, 2007  

Conversant Flora

Well, our pinche presidente is speaking tomorrow night at 9 pm EST. Shrub the younger, also known as Calligula, Jr over at Left End of the Dial, is going to talk about his domestic agenda. Mostly. There will probably be a little pep talk about how good things are going to be in Baghdad with a little Lord save the Shiites from the error of their ways (and, btw, remember 9/11, the blowing up of the Golden Dome Mosque and a few other things)-as they are a DIRECT THREAT to Democracy and Freedom. OK, and Alberto Gonzalez who thinks Habeus Corpus is pointless - the Magna Carta and 1,000+ years of Western culture not withstanding? Is he going to go away any time soon?
Guess not.
Wrong democracy.
As much as I detest profaning my TV with Shrub's image, I will be drawn to his speech like to an unfolding traffic accident. There is something so fascinatingly horrific about his delivery.
In addition, as much as one likes to malign the Great Decider, nonetheless, he is the president of the US and he does more damage every day he occupies that post. Better to be aware of what the enemy feels he is thinking than be caught unawards and unprepared.

And after this fabulous malarky, what should be the first business of the Senate?
And this time, I'm not asking, I'm telling you - servants of the people:

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