Tuesday, January 23, 2007  

Ah, shrub...

Well, the State of the Nation address is mercifully over and it makes one long for the days of either giant trees or complacent bonsai.

Anyway, will dig up the text of said "speech" and pick it apart in areas.

The tone towards Pelosi was gracious and warm and then it all went to hell except that last part where Shrub introduced the latest crop of heroes to grace his administration.

While I am sure it was fantastic to be nationally recognized, and justly so, for their selfless and socially responsible behavior, I couldn't help but feel sorry for most of the people (except for the soldier, because Bush is, after all, the Commander-in-Chief (so help me, god)- how sad that such fine and decent people should be held up as a fig leaf by an indecent and immoral national leader. They (and we) deserved so much more.

His healthcare proposal sounds shoddy at best. I need to take a closer look but it does not sound good. The No Child Left Behind Act was lauded as a wonderful measure for our nation's education system but as anyone who knows a teacher in the public school system knows, it's broken more than it's fixed. In addition, NCLBA also leave no child left unrecruited. The most obscene educational policy of this adminstration hands the personal information of every public high school age child to the military for recruitment purposes and they tie this to federal aid to the school based on the school's compliance. No info, no dough.

And then there was the whole Iraq/Iran thing. There was a brief mention of Hezbollah and Lebanon but no, absolutely no mention of Israel's invasion and our sitting on our collective hands while Condi played the piano and Qana burned.

Bush also threatened us with a generations-long war on terror.

Thank god he can only serve 2 more years.

I don't know how much more of 1984 I can take.

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