Monday, December 11, 2006  


So, the White House and sort of the Iraq Study Group thinks Iraq has been naughty. Naughty, naughty Iraq. Ungrateful, recalcitrant Iraq. Dysfunctional Iraq. Naughty, naughty Iraq. We shall take away your toys - like funding with strings attached. We shall remove all those soldiers you love so much to kill. We shall give you coal for Christmas- no- we take that back- you might turn it into illegal energy- no- we shall leave you corpses and umspeakable stories in the cities we have sealed off - we shall leave you with Negroponte's hounds of hell- the secret contract assassins - and we shall not hear you screaming because we are too busy gasping at the latest Washington scandal to realize that obscenity comes in many forms, including the obscenity of a democracy engaging in an (incompetent- maybe not- think corporate raider) occupation of attrition.

Naughty, naughty Iraq. You were supposed to make us feel good about saving you from Saddam. And now you need to be saved from George. Surely you could have worked with us more- sold us your resources and your women. But instead, look what you made us do- in less than four years, we have killed 1,000's of people- some accidentally- though we won't really go so far as to admit that- not to mention all that white phosporous you made us use.

Recalcitrant Iraq. We had such high hopes. Such high hopes involving business deals and contracts. Silly, silly Iraq to think we would allow you to evolve into a sustainable country.
Really, what were you thinking?

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