Tuesday, November 07, 2006  

Simply FAAAAAAAbulous

After voting with a paper ballot- VERY un-privately I might add, in a precinct whose main voting machine had collapsed and then been resurrected (this being in a church meeting hall). I think I rather deserve a giggle after being dissed by a Bush crony (Diebold). And so I found that not only does Bush not pronounce nuclear correctly, he also has a thing for the word fabulous.
And so, on this election night, I bring you the fabulous chronicles of the fabulous young Mister Bush. May you have a simply faaaaabulous time, darling. God knows after voting in this election, you deserve it.

thanks for stopping by my place.

I'm not too far from you (we're in El Cerrito) and voted in a small church, too.

one thing I was thankful for (in a sense) was no hour and a half wait like there was in 2004. we got there early, though.

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