Wednesday, November 08, 2006  

Ding! Dong!

...the witch is dead!

Oops, sorry. Wrong movie.

Before many of us indulge in the almost uncontrolable urge to dash outside, rip off our clothes and scream whooo hoooooooo! at the news Rumsfeld resigned, may I suggest you keep your clothes on and finish your screaming before 10 pm.

Rumsfeld resigned! (excuse me while I do a happy dance. Ok. I'm back)

He's being replaced by Robert Gates. You know, as in ex CIA director. As in Iran-Contra. As in James Baker III's Iraq Study Group. (What do you want to bet they've been studying Iran for kicks?)

As in what are we getting here?

He needs to be confirmed, first by the Senate Committee on Armed Services.
So, perhaps we'll be sending in more troops and expending more money to win.

And then there is the Nancy Pelosi win. Whoohooo! Again.

While Pelosi occupies a very unique position: first female speaker of the house and third in line to be pres. if implosions happen from the top down (it could happen...remember that other war? Remember how we got Ford?)

Before you get too happy, you might want to take a look at what I would consider Pelosi's rather uncomfortably close ties with AIPAC. Here is the text of her remarks to them last year.

Pelosi seems to believe that the problem is not the occupation of Palestine but Israel's right to exist. She is right in that some Arab/Muslim groups do not recognize Israel's existance, but she is dead wrong that the occupation of Palestine is not the problem. She was also wrong on the issue of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the horrific deaths in Qana and other places. She may not see the situation in the Occupied Territories as problematic, but many groups and many countries do. The Occupied Territories serve as a rallying cry for Islamic extremists and ordinary resistance groups in Iraq and elsewhere that see the OT as code for Western aggression against the Arab world. The EU, the United Nations, NGO's such as Doctors Without Borders have declared themselves appalled by the conditions there. Reports are coming in today, that an Israeli incursion killed at least 15 children in the Gaza, that Israel used white phosphorous in Lebanon, that Ethiopian Jews (The Fallasha) are demonstrating in Jerusalem because blood they donated in good faith has been thrown out because the donors are Black.

So, right now, I think I'll wait and see.

For those who might be interested in how she voted on several issues, here's a >list

ready to put those pants back on? Thought so.

Nonetheless, I sense a change a'comin'


I did not know her stands re. the Israel-Palestinian situation. However, you also need to remember that the Jewish donors to the Democrats outnumber those who donate money to the Republicans. Yes, it is supposed to be quite something that she's the first woman for that job (pathetic isn't it? Iceland has had or still does an woman president) but somehow she doesn't strike me like a great politician for that. Impeaching should still be on the table but I do think that the Democrats are afraid for the American public's backlash. Imagine, specks of sperm receive a whole lot more indignation and calls for impeachment that rivers of blood!
hope you're doing ok Zazouster. Haven't visited you in a while and need to make up for it! Be well my friend,

Personally I think her love for the Israeli's will not get a chance to shine. She is going to have more on her plate than most who climb to this chair. She knows she has little time to affect much change. Now that being said we might see her little band of brothers the AIPAC, rear it's ugly head in the 08 elections. Let's hope we can keep her focused on the job at hand and cross the other bridge when we come to it.
HI there!

looks like we are related by more than just the name!
in case you haven't seen it, check out Amnesty International's Make Some Noise, and we'd be delighted to get your contribution in our latest campaign, Close Guantanamo!
details here
Thanks Anon! I will. the video contribution looks rad and I've got some thoughts so we'll see we can do!

You ok over here? You have awfull quiet lately.
whooo hooo za zou ouuuu!
Like Cyberotter, just checking in with you to see how you're doing!
Hope all is well and that you're having a life and being busy and having fun while you're at it too!
To Ingrid:

It doesn't matter if

"...the Jewish donors to the Democrats outnumber those who donate money to the Republicans."

What matters is whether AIPAC donations go mainly to the Republicans (by a lot) than to Democrats.
vigilante, you're right. There is a distinction between private donors and Aipac. I stand corrected. We'll have to continue this thread inspite of our hostess' absence! (helloowww)
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