Monday, October 02, 2006  

Sign of the Times

My letter to the LA Times in response to Rosa Brooks and her op-ed piece, Rosa Brooks:I'm No Bush Hater. Let's just say Rosa Brooks and I don't agree.

Sharp letter. Had to look up Article VI, to, umm, refresh my memory of the Constitution. And when I say refresh, let's be clear, I mean: to read for maybe the first time in 10 years. :oD

I don't exactly hate Bush, though. I hate the people around him, I think. I bet if Bush had peacenik advisers he'd be a peacenik. If he had Al-Qaeda advisers he'd be declaring war on himself. If he had Russian advisers he'd be jumping into freezing waters and declaring the Congress is not a place for debate. Etc.

Or maybe not. I'm really kind of procrastinating from work I oughtta be doing here.... but again, sharp letter.
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