Tuesday, October 03, 2006  

Master Mark and the Boys

I don't have a problem with Gay members of Congress. It's really none of my business what consenting adults do behind closed bedroom doors. It is everyone's business when things happen behind closed Congressional doors and when members of Congress are involved in illegal activities regarding minors and of covering up for each other.

The GOP seems to be imploding what with Allen and his stupid racist comments as well as his apologists trying to hide him behind his mother's skirts, Rice and her amnesia about the warnings and now Foley going down in flames, possibly taking Hastert with him.

The NYT has a nifty little chart about who knew what and when:

And it seems that Hastert knew as early as Fall of last year and several people knew way before that.
Now the spin machine is working its way across the mindfield; Foley has been sent "into to rehab"- ie handy explanation, while stories about his abuse as a child (by a priest- they must be practicing irony here) are cropping up like little poisoned mushrooms.

Ok, I'll bite. I am very sorry Foley suffered such a hideous experience as a child, and I am sure it affected the adult he became. But what is Hastert's excuse? If Foley is the opportunistic pedophile that he appears to be, run amok in the chicken coop, then he is certainly unfit for public service. But if Foley is unfit, then Hastert is doubly so, for covering up the alleged abuse and denying, defending, denying and defending some more.

Where, I would like to ask, is the bi-partisan censorship and outrage that pedophelia ought to provoke? This is not a partisan subject here.
Oh, I forgot, they're busy kowtowing to Bush and his "war on terror" while Congressional members make time with the pages.

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