Tuesday, September 19, 2006  

Thai Coup

I learned of this first thing this morning from a Thai associate:

Tanks and heavily-armed troops -- many wearing yellow scarves to show their allegiance to Thailand's revered king -- surrounded Thaksin's office or stood guard at key points throughout the capital of Bangkok.

The military later announced a nationwide ban on gatherings of more than five people but insisted that it wanted to restore civilian power "as soon as possible."

While my associate regarded the coup as a good thing, and getting quite animated when talking about Thakson's corrupt practices and other behavior, it remains to be seen if:

a) the coup continues to be relatively bloodless
b) the army really has no intention to governe, as it says
c) interim elections can be held
(the rest)

What a weird thought that was. I have been to Thailand and it's just not something you associate with a democratic country like that. I wondered what the real reason behind it was, did your Thai associate have any insights?
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