Sunday, September 10, 2006  

The shirt off (s.o's) back, II

Cafe Press has an interesting little item for sale courtesy of (thanks Naeem for the info):

fyi: the Arabic says "We shall not be quiet (or we shall not shut up, depending on how you translate it)"

and I am engaged in a discussion with some documentary friends as to how to view this. Some feel it's a free speech issue and one even suggested an ironic twist (very cute, Sahand).

The shirt seems to be a response to the shirt Raed Jarrar (and others) have been wearing- We Shall Not Be Silent, in different languages. (see above post)

I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I agree it's free speech, on the other, I deplore its racist overtones as well as its idiotic premise (I can read it - should I be profiled? Oh, yeah, I have been. Never mind).

Personally, I would never buy it unless I could mutilate it in some clever way or develop my own and I really don't feel like buying anything cafe press has to sell at the moment, as a result.

Any thoughts on the subject? (racist posts will be flagged- them's my rules)

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