Friday, September 29, 2006  

J'ai deux amours...

Wow. Sometimes when I see a picture like this, I realize how much I miss Paris. When I hear any version of J'ai deux amours...I think back to living in the 3eme Arrond., hanging out with friends, dancing on the sidewalk while waiting for a table, vaulting over the walls of Les Jardins des plantes at midnight, sneaking into movies, lots of fun and sometimes rather dangerous stuff- like being illegal for several years, and writing about terrorist groups.
But I guess you always miss the place where you really started to grow up, and for me, Paris, will always be more home than any city other than the one in which I was born.
Gros bisous a Djamila, Bruno, Laure, Benedicte, Beatrice, Denis, Luca, Benoit, Dian et Isabelle.
Read this great article from the NYT

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