Friday, September 15, 2006  
Insert video here

could someone PLEASE explain to me how to put video on blogspot?
A friend sent me a hilarious video: ay_que_follon_Bush_Blair which I would love to share.
Think about it.
Bush and Blair set to a flamenco beat... ay, papi!

Zazou..I'll be looking for the same answer. I was thinking of playing around with adding the occasional 'vlog' so..other than getting the embed code from Youtube..can't help you girlfriend!
Maria Gomez is doing an independent online video project through her blog. It's a series of interviews with Colombian people facing the economic and social pressures of their changing home country. All of the videos will be released through her blog and made publicly available online. I'm sure she would have some pointers if you contacted her.

Maria's project site:

Thanks for the suggestion and the link! It sounds like a cool project and I love to support other doc makers by posting this and that.
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