Friday, September 15, 2006  

Hit the Street

You know, what they say about the Arab Street is true...a lot going on out there...
Saturday, celebrate Zazou's b-day (and no, you don't get to ask how old, so scoot and party already) by hitting the street if you are in LA (if not, click on the links and have a blast, anyway)

Some of these artists have links to Jackie Salloum who is working on Hip Hop Sling Shot, a documentary about Rap in Palestine.
Check out The Phillistines or others

Tell Jordan Zazou asks lebbes and says mabrouk, ya ahai.

Happy BD Zazou!
Happy BD dude, huh, how old are you now? :P
Taysiir..that would be 'dudette'!!
Happy birthday and lucky me..soon I can celebrate my Arabic/-leaning friends with good Arabic food as we have new Yemeni neighbours (I've already been invited to come and eat when the wife arrives after Ramadan ..can't wait!) and say, here's to Zazou...Mabrouk and many returns in Arabic, however that is.. (hey, my Arabic isn't that good! lol
hey friends, thanks! (that will be for next week) - spin some Rai on me!

And, Taysiir- no dice, bro':P, but thanks for your kind wishes!
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