Monday, September 11, 2006  

Every day is September 12...III

These are the known faces of the dead (in the US) of 9/11.
Countless of undocumented workers also died,
and have no picture or name to mark their passing.

There are few names and even fewer photos of those who died
in the vengeful aftermath in Afghanistan, Iraq,
in nameless prison cells that do not exist.

There are faces and names of the known US and coalition personnel
who died in Afghanistan and Iraq.
There are greencard soldiers who have no names,
no photos to commemorate them.

There are few official photos to commemorate
the translators in Iraq and Afghanistan who died
helping the coalition forces.

There are journalists from many countries who died in Afghanistand and Iraq,
so that their viewership at home might see what revenge had wrought.

For these and for their loved ones,
for whom September 10 will never come again,
we ask for peace

(thanks, Mash for the inspiration)

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