Friday, September 29, 2006  

Elmo Will Not Save You

I love this title.
You will be seeing a lot of Laura Bush in the next couple of days.

Talking with authors.
Hanging out with kids.
It's just a nice cover for the killing.

We wanted to know more about the National Book Festival.
So, we went to the Library of Congress web site.

And we registered in the press area.
And we got a call back from --

Susie Schoenberger.

She's not with the Library of Congress.
She's with the public relations firm -- Fleishman Hillard.
Since when is the Library of Congress outsourcing press duties?

Anyway, we want to know -- whose paying for this?
How much is Target putting up?
How much is AT&T?

Can't answer that, Schoenberger says.

You'll have to speak with Sheryl Cannady.
She's with the Library of Congress.

So, we call Cannady.
And she sends us an e-mail saying that the one-day National Book Festival costs $1.5 million.

But we can't tell you who pays for it.

RUSSELL MOKHIBER and ROBERT WEISSMAN have a really funny report from the front lines with Laura's reading warriors. As usual, some books are deemed more readable than others. Says who? Says the ever so literate First Lady. The President's comments went unrecorded. But then, he doesn't "do" reading...
It's his dad who said "read my lips..." remember....

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