Sunday, September 10, 2006  


The fabulous Cinemayaat- the Arab Film Festival is happening now in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The largest such festival is celebrating its 10th year with a stunning line-up of great pieces from all over the Arab world and the Arab/Berber/Chaldean, etc. diaspora.

In keeping with the wider vision of its founders, the Cinemayaat joins forces ovethe year with the Pacific Film Archives, The Jewish Film Festival and the Asian Film Festival, to name a few, and if you sign up for their on-line updates at, you can find out about those, too.

Next weekend catch Cheb i Sabbah spinning
for the festival party. Listen up for cuts from
his new cd, La Griba, remixes from
La Kahena- music from the Mahgreb.
Ya chabaan!

Mabrouk, ya Cinemayaat!

Check out their fabulous trailer (a great edit, btw) and on Monday, thinking about crossing boundaries and cultures by seeing one of these films:

Roxie Cinema, San Francisco
The Blood of My Brother (USA/Iraq)
I Know I'm Not Alone (USA/Iraq/Palestine)

Cubberley Auditorium, Stanford University
Under the Ceiling (Syria) preceded by Oh Night!(Syria)
Malek Wa Ketaba (Egypt)

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