Sunday, August 20, 2006  

Uncle Sam Wants You!

Yes, he does. And sometimes he wants you so badly, he is willing to look the other way when recruiters cross the line to become sexual predators:
Weirick, the Marine Corps defense attorney who has represented several recruiters on rape and sexual misconduct charges, said it's a problem that will probably never entirely go away.

"It's difficult because of the nature of nature," he said. "It's hard to put it in another way, you know? It's usually a consensual relationship or dating type of thing."

When asked if victims feel this way, he said, "It's really a victimless crime other than the institution of the Marine Corps. It's institutional integrity we're protecting, by not allowing this to happen."

The AP has an interesting article about those nice guys who just want to tell you all about the military.

Remember Abeer Qasim? The 14 year old girl who was raped, murdered and then her body burned to hide the evidence by US soldiers?

This is how it starts.

A reminder to parents with kids entering high school: SIGN THE OPT OUT FORM NOW (more on that in a later post)

Good to have that reminder, as I have a couple daughters - both young right now, but in about 13 or 14 years they will start becoming potential targets for recruiters.
Hi James! I don't any kids (unless the somewhat significant Other and the cat count- and I think at least one of them does- I'll let you guess which one :)), I still think as a society it behooves us to look after the non-voting youth who are targeted by recruiters in a variety of unpleasant, nefarious ways. When I used to liken them to child molestors who groom their prey (in this case, taking them to ballgames, etc.) - I had no idea they would turn into sexual predators in uniform (although I should have known). As the school year starts, now is the time to work together to assist these young people in being able to consider other options. I would recommend checking out your local Ya No and telling others about the opt out form.

BTW: about your daughters' motion sickness- they may grow out of it- but they might not, either. I didn't- so Disneyland is basicaly pointless, as far as I'm concerned.
Great post, Zazou! It's an awful and a shameful situation for the US soldiers! Raping a 14 year old girl sounds strange! There are many other opportunities for those guys to solve their problems!
Thank you- one would think- but psychopaths aren't particularly discriminating, as we all know.
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