Tuesday, August 01, 2006  

This inhuman state of affairs...

"Just because of a certain group of people, do the Israelis have to destroy everyone and everything?" [snip]Coming up the hill was Zeinab Diabis, with two other women. In a blue floral veil and a blue and white dress, she didn't know her age. Hunched over, she felt her way forward with her hands, crusted with dirt. Her story was like others told Monday: as many as 20 days in the dark, with too little food, dirty water, the respites rare between the bombings. Some said they had gone to as many as seven different basements seeking shelter. Most were too poor, old or scared to try to flee the city.

"We couldn't eat," she said. "We went without food for so long. We survived on a small piece of dry bread."

Anthony Shadid

In armed conflicts it is often the very old and the very young who suffer the most.
Bint Jbeil is all rubble, dead bodies and ruin. The ancient city of Tyre is shattered. Israel continues shelling even though a 48 hr ceasefire was called.

And still Bush seeks "a sustainable ceasefire."
To what god does George Bush turn to in times like these? Does this man who claims God called him to the presidency ever turn to scripture in times like this?
Perhaps he should turn to Gospel of John, Chapter 11:35
And Jesus Wept.
In reading the rescue of the inhabitants of Bint Jbeil, I know I did.

As far as human decency is concerned, "sustained ceasefire" is a weasal term for something that is currently not an option. There needs to be ceasefire and there needs to be one now.

It is time for Bush and the Congress to stop pretending that shuttle diplomacy and all those empty niceties they are engaging in will not prevent more people from dying. We sat on our hands on Rwanda, and we are sitting on them now.

History, George W. Bush, judges every president, and history, I assure you, will judge you on this issue as a willful incompetent with shared blood on his hands, one who used terms such as "sustained ceasefire" to obfuscate his role in a conflict, thus prolonging the agony of many, and putting the hopes of a viable Lebanon in a coffin - made of cedar.

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