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Paying for sex is...

paying for sex, be the purchaser female or male:
"If he doesn't perform, he doesn't get to eat. End of story," she told me. How sad: young men having to perform like studs for a plate of rice and peas. That is exploitation, not fun. Admittedly, many of the women are vulnerable and lonely, and are taken for a ride by some beach boys. I heard many stories of women being robbed at the end of their holiday, or being treated like dirt once they had run out of money. Unless we face up to what is going on in resorts such as Negril, there will be more hurt and exploitation.

Rich white women buying poor black men - often young enough to be their grandsons - creates a distorted sense of masculinity and racial identity. Beach boys told me they "never had black girlfriends" because they could not afford to "date for free". They saw white women only as meal tickets in need of sexual servicing. Many of the women told me that the beach boys were the only black people they spoke to during their holidays. All admitted they would not sleep with black men back home, so this is hardly breaking down racial barriers. If anything, white women buying black men is perpetuating racist stereotypes and widening the gap between tourist and local, rich and poor.

Interesting comment on the sex trade in Jamaica between Industrial world women and Third World men. I'veread the same thing goes on with weathy Asian women as well.
read the (sorry) remains

I don't think that would be as cool as it may have sounded when I was 19.

First post up for 9/11 and it's a doozie.
which end of the transaction were you thinking of?:)

Saw your 9/11 post- damn fine work!
I was thinking it wouldn't be that bad of gig to be a sex slve for some rich older woman, but I was only 19 at the time.

Thank you for the kind words.
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