Sunday, August 06, 2006  

NOW do you get it?

Kill anything that moves.

Henry stepped outside the hut and saw a small crowd of women and children. Then the shooting began.

Moments later, the 19 villagers lay dead or dying.

Iraq? Nope.
Vietnam(read the rest )
This is what happens when a country does not hold its soldiers to the Geneva Conventions and the treatment of civilians.

And it has happened again
And a note to those people protesting holding the soldiers accused of killing civilains in Iraq in the brig at Camp Pendelton- SHUT UP.
Maybe they did and maybe they didn't, but the fact remains they are accused of some horrific crimes against people (that's right, Iraqis are people- ain't you surprised) and, personally, I don't want then running around in the civilian population here.
And as for your protest that US soldiers are dying from ieds, etc.,surprise, surprise- it's called occupation- look it up- you might want to learn this word- and that's what happens-occupied populations resist. That said, US troops do not, I repeat, do not have the right to shoot people in their homes, beat them to a pulp, rape young women and burn their bodies, kill people and cover it up.

That's criminal activity. And here in the US, which you suggest they are protecting by engaging in such activity- these are considered crimes against society which earn long sentences.

Tout a fait d'accord avec toi :)
merci- mais on verra.
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