Monday, August 14, 2006  

File under WTF

"If our fighters deep in Lebanese territory are left without food our water, I believe they can break into local Lebanese stores to solve that problem," Brigadier General Avi Mizrahi, the head of the Israel Defense Forces logistics branch, said Monday.
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There are SO many things wrong with this I don't know where to begin with this story from Haaretz, of all publications.

So, let's start from the beginning..."deep in Lebanese territory". What does this mean? Deeper than the Litani River? That's already going in pretty far. Are we talking Beirut? This quote was in Monday's paper (ie today, for those of us in North America). Although there is a ceasefire suppoedly in effect, someone high up in the IDF is thinking "deeper". The Israelis are already at the Litani. They bombed a caravan of refugees going north. They have threated the peace and supply caravan head south. How far in is "deeper?"

"they can break into local Lebanese stores to solve that problem"

One of the most armed, most funded (give me back my taxes-NOW )is being encouraged to act like common pillagers or cut-rate, Third World armies. This is disgusting (among many other disgusting acts- but this one wins the blue ribbon for today). It shows NO concern for the civilian population and an appalling lack of interest in the welfare of their own citizens. I am no fan of the IDF or armies in general- in fact, I think they're basically pointless and have for years- but that's just me- but, come on. If you are sending people to fight and die for you- do you think you could at least give them food and water? It's not like the Israelis are crossing an ocean or anything- and they already control much of the South.

(part II later- I'm really not done with this)

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