Tuesday, August 08, 2006  

Dear Condaleeza Rice...

Mohamed al-Husseini had left New York for a holiday with his young wife and infant child - they were safe in the centre of Beirut - because he wanted to see his family home and talk to the relatives he grew up with.

Dear Ms. Rice,

Mohamed Al-Husseini lives in New York, drives a taxi for a living, contributes to the American economy and has an American-born child. That is, apparently, almost all he has left because an Israeli missile killed his child's grandparents, much of his child's extended family and destroyed most of his extended family's home.

Mohamed Al-Husseini pays taxes that paid for the drone that targeted the house that was hit by the missiles that Mohamed Al-Husseini's taxes paid for.

As did my taxes.

Mohamed Al-Husseini contributes towards your salary.

As do I.

What I want to know is what are you doing about the use of bombs the US sold that are being used to kill the relatives of US tax payers?
What, as our employee, are you doing?

I do not find your decision to play the piano in Malaysia appropriate. Nor do I find your comment about a "sustainable" ceasefire acceptable.

Neither your comment nor your musical talent saved Mohamed Al-Husseini's family. Nor the Israelis who died in Haifa, nor the children of Tyre, nor the people of Qana.

Nothing you have done up to now has saved anyone.

Now our taxes pay to close the road in and out of South Lebanon. Our taxes pay to prevent humanitarian aid from getting through. Our taxes pay for civilians fleeing for their lives to get straffed. Our taxes pay for people to be entombed in their own houses.

So, I ask you: What are you doing?

This is a very powerful commentary!
Thank you. I find Rice an appalling person. As you will note- I have not received an answer-and doubt I ever will.
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