Sunday, August 13, 2006  

Brought to you by the letters t.e.r.r.o.r.i.s.m. p.o.r. and n...

It's rather interesting to read letters to the editor in other publications in other countries. The British, for example, are so civilized. "Dear Sir," they start...and then go on to something like this:
We have been told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that Jean Charles de Menezes wore a puffa jacket in the summer time as he jumped over a barrier and ignored police warnings to "halt", and that a house in Forest Gate was a bomb factory. All of these were completely untrue. Some were even deliberate lies.

Is it too much to expect that we get some balanced (even cynical) reporting rather than over-excitable, sensationalist "terrorism porn" the Government and police require from a compliant media to push through their political agenda?
I LOVE that term: terrorism porn

From the UK Independent

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially in light of Seymour Hersh's article on the US and Israel in the New Yorker this month (see post below).

Like many others, I feel the timing and the level of the terror plot du jour to be oddly convenient. And the fact that so many of the "suspects" are home-grown, combines the slick prescience of pragmatic racism ("but did you really think they could ever be like us?) with the just below the surface hysteria of the cold war (but there are sleepers, I tell you, sleepers among us!) to create a more insidious bloodhound for the governmental neo-cons - the zealous nativist who is suddenly a pragmatic neighborhood watch groupie.

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