Wednesday, August 02, 2006  

Among us...

For those of you who are incensed that Hezbollah is "hiding among the civilian population,"and using them as a shield, may I introduce...the US military in San Diego, California.

IN this area of Southern California, military installations and their personnel are ubiquitous. Parts of San Diego, after all, were developed to house the military during WWII. Camp Pendleton lies a scant 20 miles up the interstate from downtown San Diego. The harbor where the warships dock is even closer. On any given weekend, sailors and others, hang around downtown. Oceanside, CA, is right there next to Pendleton. Troop transport vehicles rumble down the 8 past the State University. Others rumble down the 5, 805, 15, past commercial and residential areas alike. Businesses proudly state they give military discounts while apartmemt complexes promise amenities for military families. Coronado Island is home to the Navy, while the Naval Hospital sits on the edge of Balboa Park, a major tourist attraction and source of community pride.

The US Military is everywhere in this region. Other than the fact, they are part of an officially sanctioned, state-run militia, just how is this different?

Should the military installations in San Diego ever be attacked for precisely the reason that they are military- the destruction would encompass tens of thousands of civilian victims, and millions of dollars in infrastructure. Or would it?

Under the philosphy now operating in the Israeli seige of Lebanon- there would be no innocents, only those complicit in harboring a fighting force among them.

Great point
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