Saturday, July 15, 2006  


at this:
Qatar, the only Arab nation on the council, received widespread support during closed council consultations late Saturday for a press statement calling for an immediate cease-fire, restraint in the use of force, and the protection of civilians caught in the conflict, council diplomats said.

But Argentina's U.N. Ambassador Cesar Mayoral said the United States objected to any statement and Britain opposed calling for a cease-fire.

The U.S. and Britain want to wait for the outcome of this weekend's Group of Eight meeting in Russia, an Arab League foreign ministers meeting, and a mission sent to the Middle East by Secretary-General
Kofi Annan, Mayoral and other diplomats said.
the rest
Excuse me, but what the fuck is WRONG with the US and Britain? You want to fucking wait for the outcome of this weekend's meeting? What, several hundred dead aren't enough for you?

Oooops, sorry, forgot- you guys, the US in particular brought us one of the most brutal and incompetent invasions and occupations in living memory. One in which 1,000's of people died and are dying still.
So, maybe not.
And something else.
Did the IDF turn to you and say we watched your little shock and awe show a few years back and were not impressed? Watch and learn. This is how it's done.
Is that what you are doing, watching and learning?
Well, the rest of us are watching and learning, too.

I am SO PISSED BY THIS that I could spit (well, actually- more things that are unprintable and probably illegal, so...). Excuse me while I have a fit of apoplexy.

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