Tuesday, July 25, 2006  

You must be joking...

Another Hezbollah leader, Mahmoud Komati, deputy chief of the group’s political arm, told The Associated Press that Hezbollah was surprised by the force of Israel’s reaction to its capture of two Israeli soldiers. He said Hezbollah had expected “the usual, limited” response such as commando raids or limited attacks on Hezbollah strongholds.

Hezbollah was surprised??!!??!! As in "oopsie?" Come on. Hamas captures Shalit and all hell breaks loose in the Gaza. What did Hezbollah expect? A carrier pigeon asking for the two Israelis back?

It's a little late and way too many dead to go around sheepishly saying we kind of screwed up in our calculations.

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Alan Dershowitz is another ass. I used to have some respect for him, but civilians as collateral damage is not a matter of degrees of guilt/innocence. Dead people are dead people and this is the 21st century version of Sherman's March- war crimes and all.

The Arabist has an interesting tidbit- there is an indication that perhaps the Israelis Hezballah seized were in Lebanese terrority on a mission.

Hmmmm...to be followed up.

And Dahr Jamail is also talking about illegal weaponry.

There is also talk that locally the JDL may be trying to intimadate pro-Palestinian/Lebanese demonstrators at demenstrations.
We'll see. Two can play that game...

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