Sunday, July 09, 2006  

What a game!

Wow~! What a game! Viva Italia! Mes condoleances aux Bleus. Quand meme...everyone played SOOOOOOO well! A shame about Zizou, but frankly Marco had it coming and I do not understand why he didn't get a card, too. Went to Costa Brava to meet D. and S. was there, too! Yay- soccer (calcio, foot) among friends! Nice bar, too. And the game was so close! D. is going to watch the match again tonight...dio, me no. Got other things to do, d'autres chats a fouetter. (like the kitchen floor, bleah). And zffffppppttttttt! a jean marie le pen et ses fistons racistes. Ils etaient bien braves, les gars, sans exception.

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