Thursday, July 13, 2006  

Time for a thought or two..

about something. It's too hot to be terribly coherent + I just got home and have realized that tomorrow I am teaching a class that actually, if I am honest with myself, I really truly
So, before my brain turns to goo, let's do this:
So, Zizou gave his long awaited interview and said...not much. This puts me in mind of Paul Bowles' autobiography, Without Stopping, which Truman Capote archly suggested should really be called, "Without Telling." And we are basically back at pundits and pontifiction (to which I modestly contribute) about what Materazzi said. He says no mama references, Zidane suggests otherwise, although Zizou is not repeating the offense in public and Materazzi is bending himself into a pretzel.

Can't blame Zidane, if the lip readers are only partially right. Repeating such things for print only makes it worse because, then it's printed. So.

On the other hand, Asaad over at Angry Arab News Service doesn't see why Zizou is a model or why a model is even necessary. Sorry, but I disagree. Zizou (except for headbutting) is an excellent Beur model because he takes on the system, makes it look at itself and demands to be treated equally. And he provides a model for young Beurs (Arab and Kabyle) to look up to and gives them hope in the hlms, that maybe one day, Black Blanc Beur will be a reality.

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