Monday, July 10, 2006  

Sound of doors slamming...

From Amira Hass at Haaretz:(thanks Issandr at
For the first time since 1967, Israel is preventing the entry of Palestinians with foreign citizenship, most of them Americans.

Most of those refused entry are arriving from abroad, but have lived and worked for years in the West Bank.

According to a growing number of ...The Interior Ministry and Civil Administration made no formal announcement about a policy change, leaving returnees to discover the situation when they reach the border crossings.

By various estimates, the ban has so far affected several thousand American and European nationals, whom Israel has kept from returning to their homes and jobs, or from visiting their families in the West Bank. This could potentially impact many more thousands who live in the territories - including university instructors and researchers, employees working in various vital development programs and business owners - as well as thousands of foreign citizens who pay annual visits to relatives there. The policy also applies to foreigners who are not Palestinian but are married to Palestinians, and to visiting academics.

The first group to suffer are Palestinians born in the territories, whose residency Israel revoked after 1967 while they were working or studying abroad. Some eventually married residents of the territories, or returned to live with aging parents and siblings. Israel rejected their applications for "family reunification" (i.e., requests to have their residency restored). However, until recently Israel permitted them to continue living in the territories on tourist visas, renewable every three months by exiting and reentering the country. In some cases the State also granted them work permits.

whose residency Israel revoked after 1967 while they were working or studying abroad. this should answer a few questions about why many Palestinians living outside the territories are so upset by this.

Don't have much time to comment right now, but this would be a huge loss for academics and artists living in the West Bank.

the rest here

Zazou my friend, you've been posting some interesting stuff. This particular one gets me though. When I took Middle Eastern politics at Carleton U (Ottawa Canada), I found out how much is actually unknown by the general public (and by omission from the MSM) of the extent of seperatism that is played out by the Israeli govt's. According to the Heretical Jew, the current actions are to blame on a very rightwing Israeli govt. But I have come to the conclusion long time ago, that the American media does not highlight at all the terrible policies that have afflicted the Palestinians. The daily injustices, hardships must boil over at some point, and when they do, all the world at large sees is the eruption, but not the cause. Or it is kinda glossed over. No pressure (or making noise!!) by Western allied governments.
This is too sad. One more thing and then one more many more?
ah Zidane..c'est dommage n'est pas?
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