Sunday, July 30, 2006  

Shipping Bombs- your local pusher

On Friday morning, as I traveled north on Interstate 5,
I passed two tractor-trailers heading south toward the
32nd Street Naval Station in downtown San Diego. Each
vehicle carried about 10 unmarked bombs; each bomb was
approximately 15 feet long. Two military helicopters
hovered low above each tractor-trailer, providing
overhead escort.

I wondered where these bombs were headed. They must
have been in a big hurry because they usually ship
their bombs more covertly.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, places like San Diego play a major role in armed conflicts around the world and the complicity of its residents makes them silent collaborators in some horrific scenarios- the occupation of Iraq and now, the Israeli shelling of Lebanon. The problem is that the local economy is a military defense money whore- large swaths of the region are dependent on the military who provide a demand for goods and services and whose presence inspires one of the few red blocks in the state.

Marjorie Cohn's essay reminds me of the troop trucks that used to thunder by our house on their way to McClelland, deep in the night, during the Vietnam War. We're not bombing Laos and Cambodia, we're not sending troops, said Nixon. The traffic going by my house said different.

Cohn is right when she says we turn a blind eye to the things this administration does in our name. How can we expect our representatives to take a moral stand, when we allow the the physical evidence of the immorality committed with our tax dollars to pass us on the interstate?
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