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Poor Lebanon...

Darrell Issa is now weighing in.
I first visited Lebanon, following the death of my father, in 1978 to sell a family property. I was 25 years old, and in U.S. Army regular service. My visit occurred in the midst of Lebanon's civil war – a complex conflict of shifting alliances, foreign intervention, and devastating destruction that divided Lebanon along largely sectarian lines.
He is using his "I am Lebanese-American" stance to give credence to his White House- inspired drivel.

Issa, who was nowhere to be found when the Arab-American community needed him in the aftermath of 9/11, who said little about profiling, the issues of civil liberties for many people going down the toilet- has all of a sudden, reclaimed his Lebanese heritage.
How convenient.

In today's Op-ed piece, Issa says:
When Lebanon is fully free, it will stand as a beacon demonstrating that an indigenous democracy in the Middle East can flourish. But as the United States needed France during our revolution against Britain, Lebanon cannot succeed at this moment without the leadership only we can offer.

The world, and the United States in particular, must not give up on Lebanon. This small, troubled, and diverse nation faces a crisis that did not exist a month ago, but a degraded Hezbollah may soon offer a new opportunity. The Lebanese have already fought and died for democracy but now, while facing our common enemies, they desperately need our help.
Gee, crisis? What crisis? He says nothing about the hundreds of Lebanese dead, nor the intense Israeli shelling nor the wanton destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure nor the targetting of civilians and aid workers.

No, it appears that Hezbollah has created a little vaccuum of destruction and death all by itself.

And, Issa adds:
The United States has made a substantial investment in the Middle East that we cannot abandon. We have invested $300 billion, and many brave lives, in building a democracy in Iraq. We, likewise, have a substantial investment in supporting Israel's right to exist and the peace process.
Issa must not read the papers. Too bad, the Washington Post has a very interesting article on what our efforts to bring democracy to Iraq has done to the state of things at the morgues in Baghdad.

Is this what the Republican party saved Issa for when they pulled the rug out from under him for the race for California's governor?

Hello, even our resident Arab-American (oh, look, he's Lebanese...) likes our program.

For god's sake, Darrell, take your soul back, or what's left of it, and put some pressure on the White House and Olmert so that maybe this country which you pretend to admire and seek to help (and where have you been the last few years?) won't be smashed to smithereens and its people (your relatives, too, in all likelihood) scattered and wounded. And since you're a bomb expert, how about getting Israel to divulge the locations of the landmines in Southern Lebanon?

Get out of your Hezbollah bad, us good mindset, and take a good long look at how and why Hezbollah came to be.

The merits of Hezbollah need to be argued at a later date. Peopla are dying today in Lebanon and Israel and this has got to stop.

If this goes on much longer, Lebanon will turn its back on us and with good reason, and you, her native grandson, will be among her worst betrayers.

Well put Zazou. He could have argued and said that people were living in fear because of Hezbollah or what have you, but to talk about the lebanese democracy that's now effectively destroyed (well,the fledgling democracy but STILL) as if it is something to strive for.. hold up buddy, they already were there, wayyy ahead of ya..tssssss
Thank you, Ingrid! This was a laaaaaaate night post, but still. I am particularly incensed but the phrase "our common enemies" appears particularly egregious. Issa is being coy here in a way that is really unpleasant. It invites several readings depending what camp you are in which is typical of Issa- but in a San Diego paper, it is intended to mean the conflation of Al Queda, etc. with Hezbollah- and, eventually, with the Lebanese people if they don't disown Hezbollah loudly enough for US tastes.
This, I find very dangerous.
I had rathered hoped for more from Issa, ever since he stumbled for the brass ring- the governorship of California- which he knows may lead to the presidency - silly man- but he seems to be a creature of the GOP.
Notice how not a public peep came out of him when Helen Thomas was tarred as "Hezbollah" when she dared question something recently. Shameful, disgraceful behavior and Issa missed his chance to point out the need for constructive dialog.
But more, Issa is one of a troika of Republicans out of San Diego who stoke the war machine: Cunningham, Hunter and Issa- defense money consumers all whose PAC list reads like a who's who of the defense industry.
In 2002, these were the top 3 PACS for Issa:General Atomics $10,000
Titan Corp $9,185
Science Applications International Corp $7,250

two of whom wereMAJORplayers in the debacle of Iraq.
It is a disgrace to see a man flaunt his native ties and then essentially turn his back on the problem. You hit it on the head the problem isnt who is good or who is bad, that is an argument with two sides every time. The problem is that people, innocent people are being killed at an alarming rate and no one seems to have a problem with it. Never before has one country completely and systematically destroyed another country for the return of two soldiers. This is a campaign agains the lebanese people not Hezbollah, the people are dying, there homes are being destroyed after they are told to leave. This is a crime and the world stands idly by not to mention the "good guys" the United States. The countries stance on this issue and Issas stance are deplorable.

"Hezbollah is one of two major Shia political parties in Lebanon and is also the terrorist group responsible for the deaths of 241 American servicemen in 1983."

"In return, Hezbollah gives Iran and Syria a vehicle by which to carry out a proxy war of terror against Israel."

" I returned to Lebanon and cautioned Lebanon's government and other leaders that Hezbollah was a cancer on Lebanon that needed to be addressed. The prolonged existence of an armed terrorist group in Lebanon was destined to destabilize and undermine the sovereignty of Lebanon."

"The international community must follow up on Israel's successful efforts to diminish Hezbollah's military capabilities – by quickly assembling an international military presence to secure southern Lebanon and deprive Hezbollah of the ability to rearm, and Israel of the need to reoccupy south Lebanon."

Good boy, good boy!

Now here's your Zionist doggy treat!

And don't forget: Self-hating Arabs are always rewarded!
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