Saturday, July 22, 2006  

Orale! Aztec Gold TV!

If you are anywhere near ComiCon in San Diego. You gotta check out my friends and follow activistas at Aztec Gold TV! You'll meet Lou Chalibre (r). And, if you're really lucky, Ms Slocialization might just flick her feathers at you.
You can find out more about the irreverant guide to everything that matters here.
And while you're at it, head to Landlord Jim's on Fridaysto hear DJ Lucha spin some really cool old school Latin and take in some art on the walls.

Remember, as DJ Lucha dice:
Besos, not bombs!

IN a week the pachanga moves to Tejas. NO lloras! They'll be back in August for a big blowout Aug.16.
Til then,

Mwah mwah mwah!
What part of Tejas??
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