Saturday, July 08, 2006  

Little update...

Personal rants and raves have moved to confessions of a mouse. Film reviews will be cross-posted to Movies that Matter and basic political, etc. goes here. I'll probably cross-post events info as well.

The World Cup Finals are tomorrow. I want Italy to win (of course :>) but with Zinedine, I think France will win. OK by me, as well, since I strongly support Black Blanc Beur, and at least in theory, France is that way when the team plays, although in reality, there are intense integration and socialization problems for Beurs, even into the 3rd generation.(a lot having to do with how the French see "French") And maybe with a World Cup win, things might get slightly better...

Some blogger friends I would like to introduce:
Faiza Al Araji from A Family in Baghdad- Faiza recently toured the US as part of a group sponsored by Code Pink and Global Exchange.

Raed Jarrar (Faiza's son) from Raed in the Middle who is currently blogging from California

Khalid Jarrar(Raed's brother) from Tell me a Secret who says he's too busy to blog at the moment (ya Khalid, ma'leysch?)

There are a whole host of Iraqi bloggers now, but these are some of the pioneers! Check them out when you get a chance.

thank you for the link!
I am currently in D.C., taking a part of a hunger strike in front of the White House.

You can read my blog for more details.

thanks again
My pleasure, totally! Will check and link. I hope you are doing well and am delighted with all you have been able to do so far. BTW, when you get down to SoCal- give me a call (I emailed you and Khalid with my number when your mom came). If we're in SF, we'll come by and say hi. Also, call Khalil Bendib sometime and listen to his show (link on the side).I mentioned you to him. Barq'alafiq.
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