Saturday, July 15, 2006  

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not want to burden you...

with the troubles of war...
From Zena el-Khalil
I am at home with some friends who have taken refuge with us. A lot of them foreigners. We are trying to explain... Who, what, why... But, we're also trying to be normal. Because being normal is what got Lebanese through 20 some years of war. We are joking about how the airport is on fire because of all the alcohol in the duty free. We are trying to be normal.

Up until now, Israel has done the following:

# blown up our international airport, runways, and gas tanks for planes. No one can leave or enter the country.
# blown up small military domestic airports (both in the north and south)
# blown up all bridges and roads linking beirut to the south
# blown up areas/villages of the south, everything from the deep south to saida
# blown up ... As I type this now, another jet is flying by, it is so loud ... Continue... Blown up the suburbs (Dahiye).. Three missiles
# blown up the Beirut-Damascus road at several points
# we are surrounded at sea as well, there are military ships launching attacks

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"in times of moral and social crisis, artists must rise up like lions and defend humanity..."

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