Friday, July 07, 2006  

Just what we need...

"We've got Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad," the report quoted a Defense Department investigator as saying.

As if we needed more proof about the caliber of people in the army, now comes a report indicating neo-Nazis and other extremists are getting recruited into the army because the army isn't making its quota, especially for combat units.

Perhaps one could add Racist to the motivations behind some of the recent incidences of violence against Iraqi civilians. Racism has been presumed by some to be an underlyig cause of much of the policy towards civilians in Iraq, but Racism of this kind needs to be looked at as an underlying individual factor.

We're not going to win this "war." We've already lost it at the recruiting office, if that is the kind of people being inducted.
(the rest of the story)

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