Saturday, July 22, 2006  

Guest appearances:

To my Palestinian and Lebanese readers-if you have any messages or anything you want to pass on, I invite you to post a comment, and I'll put it into a post.

A few ground rules:
- keep the profanity to a minimum
- All X are *&%$#_Q@ scum isn't going to help anyone.
- if you send anything in Arabic, please include a translation
- I can translate whatever you send in French
- let me know if you want me to edit any grammar issues

Enshallah rti :)
Choukran, ya habibi!

LA verite a 2 sens, viens voir mon blog alors :)

Tu me fais rire :)
Je suis francais catholique, mais je m'en fous de ma religion :)
Tu es d'ou?
T'es pas Zazou, tu es une Zizou :)
Je te salue quand meme!
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